Inocram srl is on the market as a young company, but it has a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience on the treatment of composite materials, on the reuse of materials, on ecology and on GREEN ECONOMY in general, we are specialists in giving ” the double life of things “

It is the expression of an entrepreneurial spirit, of a family heritage that is handed down from generation to generation, which operates with different realities, in various types of markets, but with the vocation and mission of respect and protection of the environment.

For over 50 years the staff has been involved in the regeneration and creation of different materials, the alchemy of innovation is for us a training ground for a constant, coherent and futuristic development of ingenuity.

We offer consumers the possibility to choose and evaluate in a product not only the functionality, the shape, the color, the technical properties but also other more intrinsic socio-environmental aspects.

With us “innovation passes through versatility“: the opportunities to be seized are many, it is necessary to know how to identify and develop them.

We have made it possible to make these particularities known throughout Europe for quality and eco-design, accompanied by a new factor of competitiveness.

There are many applications and hence the enthusiasm needed to push research up to the creation of the new WPC, an ITALIAN WPC, the GAR-deck!

Our WPC or composite wood is obtained with new generation raw material, entirely composed of regenerated materials (with the exception of additives and dyes), and with chemical and physical characteristics such as to make it suitable as a structural base for an infinite number of products, from furniture, construction, flooring, sunshades, ventilated walls, poolside, packaging and everything that imagination and creativity can think of.

What we have managed to create is precisely an absolutely innovative technological process capable of mixing and binding materials that tend to be refractory, without going through the granulation process; this allows the material not to undergo processing stress and to maintain the characteristics of a virgin material.

For this project we have spent a lot of time and resources, faced risks and efforts not only for profit, but for a challenge with ourselves and for the pleasure of winning it, with the awareness that “NOTHING CAN COME FROM NOTHING, AND NOTHING CAN END IN NOTHING”