The Italian WPC with the GAR_deck brand is the new generation composite wood, ecological and environmentally friendly material, also called technical wood thanks to its multiple applications and characteristics.

Unlike imported products, GAR_deck is 100% recycled, both in the wood part and in the plastic resins. It is also infinitely recyclable, giving life to new products that can diversify into all possible areas.

For this reason GAR_deck has been included in the Official Gazette Year 156 – Number 50 of 02 March 2015, as recognized material for “Action Plan for the environmental sustainability of consumption in the Public Administration sector or National Action Plan on Green Public Procurement (PANGPP) “. Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory of the Sea.

The GAR_deck branded WPC looks like wood but is much more:
it is a composite that comes from the research and fusion of environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality; combines tradition, innovation and evolution for respect for the environment.

The formulation involves the exclusive use of recycled raw materials

  1. 48% wood flours – FSC certified
  2. 48% plastic resins certified by technical and safety data sheets
  3. compatibilizers and dyes 4% certified by technical and safety data sheets

WPC (composite wood) is an innovative material, which combines the natural look of wood with the strength and durability of plastic.

GAR_deck does not contain ureic glues or formaldehyde and therefore does not produce toxic fumes over time, all certified by the technical data sheets of the materials.

The composite is worked with the basic principles of plastics and can be transformed both with the injection system and with the extrusion system.

It is a material that can be coextruded, coated and painted.

It lends itself to various processes such as wood and the same equipment can be used, it can be cut, milled, contoured, sanded, inserts, rivets, and screws can be inserted.

Each product manufactured with this material is an ecological and environmentally friendly product, and compared to wood it has additional characteristics that remain unchanged over time


  • elastic and resistant to weight, impact, traction and resists deformation and breakage;
  • resistant to sudden changes in temperature and sunlight;
  • resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemical agents;
  • resistant to saline corrosion;
  • washable and water resistant;
  • resistant to atmospheric agents, molds and bacteria;
  • non-toxic and ecological;
  • easy to use;
  • versatile appearance according to needs and requests;
  • does not splinter and does not crack;
  • durable;
  • infinitely recyclable, the life cycle is over “from waste I become a resource”



The Italian WPC GAR_deck is 100% Made in Italy, and is a wise and virtuous fusion between artisan culture and industrial avant-garde.

GAR_deck-branded composite wood is available in solid or honeycomb section.