GAR_deck branded WPC (or Italian WPC) is a versatile and universal material and can be applied in many product sectors

Some applications are listed only by way of example, but the imagination and needs of each make it applicable and useful to individual needs.

BUILDING Public and private.

Outdoor floors, outdoor tiles, indoor parquet, walking surfaces for interiors and exteriors, facade claddings, wall claddings, partitions, paneling for houses and exteriors, fixtures, sunshades, trims, covers, raised platforms for bars, dance floors, concert stages


stables for horses and animals in general, various fences, floors for stables, internal partitions


pool edges, shower box flooring, solarium, floors and covers for whirlpools, outdoor flooring for sporting events, flooring for play areas


tables, chairs, benches, rubbish bins, rest areas, gazebos, garden furniture, garden finishes, games


cycle paths, footbridges, refreshment areas, boundaries for cycle paths, noise barriers for roads and highways


beach / sea walkways, cabins, non-slip outdoor shower floors, floating docks, boat mooring pontoons, rest areas and aggregation areas, kiosk flooring


houses, gardens, public places, terraces, verandas, porches, patios, mezzanines, balustrades


indoor and outdoor, civil and industrial environments


Various to delimit protected areas, dangerous areas, areas subject to works, storage areas, etc.

The GAR_deck branded WPC takes the form of profiles in various sizes, shapes and aesthetics, which combined with a concrete design with a clear orientation on each individual project, includes several aspects, functional, aesthetic and productive. Once assembled they become products that enhance the contrast between the simplicity of the basic scheme and the refinement of the shape.

GAR_deck composite wood is proposed for different uses, introducing new construction techniques and material combinations and, on some occasions, following all aspects of development, in a total concept of service design; innovation and engineering give life to a new, recognizable and futuristic style,

A matching that gives rise to projects characterized by surprising spatiality, with innovative and dedicated technical solutions; from facades, to floors, from internal partitions to plant solutions.

The GAR_deck WPC is an excellent component for temporary architecture, it is able to give a concrete and conscious response to the sustainability needs of our time.